Charlotte’s Local Refinery

Welcome to Cascade! We are located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Cascade purchases gold, silver, diamonds, and platinum and is open to the public. We offer no-pressure, no-strings-attached quotes on your precious metals, diamonds and estate jewelry (when you come in) According to the most current market price. Because we are the actual refinery, there is no middle man and we are able to give you the highest prices and payout for your precious metals and diamonds. Come by our office, give us a phone call, or send us an e-mail and get to know your local refinery outlet. We do not give scrap gold prices per g or dwt over the phone.

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Charlotte’s #1 Pawn Shop

We also are a full-service pawn shop. Come by and see our professional staff, who will assess your item and give you a fair offer. Our loan terms are favorable and we believe in helping the local community!

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What We Buy

We purchase jewelry, dental gold, coin, placer gold (raw nuggets found while panning), flatware, diamonds, place settings, gold plate, gold fill, bench sweeps, filings, grindings, estate jewelry, etc.

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We Sell Gold and Silver Bullion!

North Carolina no longer requires businesses to collect sales tax on bullion.