Duke, my best friend. RIP.

Our K9 Employees

Duke, my best fried. RIP.

Duke, my best fried. RIP.

Duke, my best friend, was at Cascade from the inception of our business in North Carolina.  He was my guardian / protector and best friend.  He always had his eyes out for me making sure the coast was clear when dealing with individuals. Not many people are able to bring their companion to work with them, and for that I will always be grateful.  I love you and will miss you forever.   I can’t wait until you run to me and shower me with kisses on the face on the other side.




We welcome Crank and Albus to the Cascade Family!

Crank, a Cascade K9 Employee

Crank, a Cascade K9 Employee!

Albus, a Cascade K9 Employee

Albus, another Cascade K9 Employee!

Fearing Inflation, Turning to Gold

Sherm Lott keeps a small bag of silver coins hidden away in his Salt Lake City home.

For Lott, who inherited the pre-1965 dimes, quarters and half-dollars from his father, the money represents an insurance policy against the tough economic times and inflation he believes lie just ahead.

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Putting Money for Gold Offers to the Test

With gold trading around $1,000 an ounce these days, are you looking into your jewelry box wondering if you see some fast cash – maybe even a lot of cash? You have probably watched and listened to the ads promising big bucks for gold you don’t want or even use. Before you turn over your treasures, KSL 5 Investigative Reporter Debbie Dujanovic goes undercover and puts those claims to the test.

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