Don’t throw away your seemingly worthless dental scrap anymore!

If you are a dentist or have Dental Gold or Dental with any other precious metal, We can buy them all!

We are Charlotte’s local refinery with same day payouts.

Cascade’s team are experts in precious metal, including gold, silver and platinum. Our skilled workers and our current technology (dental tumbler, induction furnace, and XRF) will be used to maximize accuracy on your dental scraps and payout.

We buy dental crowns and bridge work, fillings, inlays, gold teeth, clasps, dentures, grindings and others containing precious metal.

Cascade is a reputable refinery that have been handling Dental Scrap for more than 10 years in the Queen City. Stop by and check us out!

Remember: If you are a dentist, don’t sell your dental scrap to somebody that walks into your office and offers you money without having it assayed!