Why Choose to Pawn vs using a bank?

-When you pawn an item it remains anonymous and it will not hurt your credit if you choose to default on the loan.


-100% private

-Acquiring the money needed is a lot easier and quicker vs a traditional bank.

– No credit check required.

-Using a Pawn Loan will not affect your credit score nor will you even need a credit score to acquire a loan.

-You will receive your item you Pledged/pawned as soon as you pay the loan amount back.

-You need the money ASAP.

-Using a Pawn Loan will not bankrupt you like using a traditional bank loan if you can’t pay the interest.

-If you don’t pay your interest we can’t come after your assets and house like a traditional bank can.


-The Pawn has a maturity date of no less than 30 days.

-If you redeem the pledged property prior to the maturity date you will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of those charges. We will hold the pledged item for a period of 60 days past the maturity period.

-Any pledged item not redeemed within 60 days after original maturity date of contract will be sold or disposed of and you will lose your ownership rights.

-The item pawned is redeemable ONLY by the bearer of the ticket or by identification of the person making the Pawn.

-Pledger has to be at least 18 years of age and have a valid forum of state issued license.

Items we accept for loan collateral.

Gold Jewelry (10k,14k,18k.)

Silver Jewelry (Sterling, 925.)

Platinum Jewelry (900,950.)

Watches (Rolex, Tag, etc.)


Estate Jewelry.

Gold and Silver Bullion.

Gold and Silver Coins.

Coin Collections.

Loan Information

All loans $500.00 and under have a 2% finance charge and a 20% Service (Storage) Charge per month. All loans $501.00 and above have a 2% finance charge with a $100.00 Service (Storage) charge per month.

If you lose the pawn ticket?

Immediately notify us in writing. If you lose the pawn ticket prior to redemption period, make an affidavit with indemnification or such a loss.